LifeGroups set to begin January 2022!

Happy New Year!! We hope each of you have had a special Christmas and New Year celebration with your family and friends and are looking forward to the excitement, opportunities, and blessings of 2022.

As we look into the month of January in the life of our church, we wanted to let you know of two upcoming events.

First, we would like to update the name of “Sunday School.” Our time at 9:30 each Sunday morning is more than “School that meets on Sunday.” Our groups not only participate in Bible Study, but we also enjoy the fellowship of friends, support each other through difficult times, celebrate during happy times, and serve together in ministry.

We often get together during the week for meals and activities. Since we are friends sharing life as a group, we think it would be appropriate to move from the term “Sunday School” to “Lifegroups.” Many churches have updated the name of Sunday School and we would like to move in that same direction.

So, on January 16, 2022, we will begin using the term “Lifegroups” to better reflect the purpose and activities of our current Sunday School classes.

Also, several months ago, our church voted to create a new group named the “Prevention of Sexual Misconduct Committee (PSMC).” This group of three individuals (Debbie Long, Greg Fay, and Vicki Violette) was formed as a standing committee that will lead our Church in trainings and in writing policies and procedures that may prevent any type of sexual misconduct from occurring at First Baptist Church.

Part of this process is to facilitate annual training sessions to help our church members become more aware of possible issues in this area and to provide information on how we can work together to prevent any type of sexual misconduct from occurring within our church.

The first of these training sessions will occur on January 30th from 9:30 am – 10:30 am in the Sanctuary. We believe that this issue is so important in the life of our Church that we need to provide this training at a time when we can reach the greatest number of people.

We would like to invite all Sunday School Classes/Lifegroups together on this day. We encourage each of you to meet with us to increase your knowledge of this issue and to receive training on how to protect our children and any vulnerable adults from situations where sexual misconduct may occur.

There are many exciting things that are occurring in our Church as we begin the new year! Lauren Neal will continue as Interim Minister of Children. Rev. Jason Taylor is moving into his new role of Minister of Young Adults and FLC Ministries, and Rev. Ben Neal is beginning his new position of Interim Minister to Youth. Sunday School/Lifegroup attendance is increasing and we have added a new Preschool Class, a Middle School Class, and a College and Career Class that meets each Sunday morning.

Our FBCKids attendance on Wednesday nights is also increasing, and Upward Basketball and Cheer will begin this month. I hope you can feel the renewed sense of energy and excitement in our Church!

Please continue to pray for our FBC ministries and for opportunities to show God’s love with those in our church and throughout our community–Vicki

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