Care Packages

Care Packages

These will go to those on our shut-in list, those shut-in because of quarantining, & our friends at the Towers. Gift bags won’t all be the same but may vary some for these different groups.
We are aiming to make approx. 250 bags total.

Please help us make these gift bags personal—the extra touch of love is important! We are sending these bags with thoughts and prayers from our church congregation, so please think of and pray for the recipients.

All items (except baked goods) need to be dropped off in the Garden Room of the church (2nd Floor, Main Building) by Dec. 6th. You can also call the church office (457-9353) if you prefer someone to come to your car to receive the items. For total contactless contribution, mail items to the church: P.O. Box 268, Clinton, TN 37717.
Decorate a Card

Print out the template to decorate however you choose—with markers, stickers, crayons, color pencils, encouraging scripture verses or sayings, personal messages. Please keep all personalized content simple and appropriate, for example “card made for you by [sign your name],” “thinking of you!,” “praying for you!,” “you’re important to us!,” etc. If you don’t have a printer, you can pick up some already printed for you in the glassed-in area off the parking lot of the main church building, near the elevator.

Color a Bookmark

Print off one of these bookmarks, color it, & cut it out. We will later laminate them before putting them into the gift bags. You will need: printer, printing paper, something to color with, scissors. If you don’t have a printer, you can pick up some already printed for you in the glassed-in area off the parking lot of the main church building, near the elevator.

Make a Crochet Chain

These crochet chains will go along with our “Linked” poem. Learn to make a crochet chain and read the poem from the links below. You will need: yarn, scissors and a crochet hook.

Make a piece of Origami

You can take home origami paper from the church (located in the glassed-in area off the parking lot of the main building, near the elevator), or use your own paper. Make a butterfly, flapping bird, or flower (we will later attach pipe cleaner stems with leaves) by following the instructions on these videos:

Make a batch of Christmas Cookies

These need to be baked close to our Dec. 17th distribution date so that they will be fresh. They need to be in individual baggies. Please drop them off at the church Dec. 16th or 17th. Contact Mary Haven Merkle if you would like to help with this: 832-865-0109. You will need: cookie ingredients & supplies, individual baggies.

Donate these Items

Travel-sized lotions, travel-sized Kleenex, & 12-pack coloring pencils ($1).

Items we plan to include in the gift bags:
Purchased by the church: disposable mask, personal sized-hand sanitizer, slipper socks, candy, activity book, a do-at-home craft, and some church info.
Collected from the Church: lotion, Kleenex, color pencils
Personal touches made by you!: card, bookmark, crochet chain & poem, origami, cookies