Church activities canceled through April 24

Our Governor has closed schools in Tennessee until April 24th in an attempt to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Desiring to be good citizens and neighbors in our state and especially our local community, our church will also cancel its in person activities for this same time period to support these efforts.

Pending future developments and decisions from state leaders and health department officials, we will plan to resume in person gatherings on Sunday, April 26th .

Our church staff is doing their best to carry out their duties from home and as necessary from the building. The phone is being answered. Emails are being checked. Mail is being picked up from the post office. The building is remaining closed but if someone needs to come in then s/he can call to make sure someone is there upon their arrival. We want to do our best to practice and model social distancing for ourselves and our people, and appreciate your prayers and support as we do so.

While some ministries may be done creatively and remotely, others require a more hands on approach, even in this season of social distancing. Our Christian Service Center remains open on Tuesday afternoons to help those who need food and other assistance. This is being done practicing common sense and utilizing creative methods. On a related note, we are providing Wednesday night meals for all 147 residents of the Towers. I appreciate all our volunteers and dedication during these challenging days.

I’m well aware this disruption will impact Holy Week and especially Easter Sunday; this is like the Super Bowl for us pastor types and I know you grieve this loss as well. But, I believe we are acting in good faith and as leaders in our community. The resurrection of Jesus is not limited to a date on a calendar; this is a timeless truth and we will do our best to affirm this in the days to come.

Our online Wednesday and Sunday gatherings have been “well attended” in the virtual sense of the word, and we will continue using every communication tool at our disposal to keep in touch with our people.

Even though activities are canceled, we are NOT CLOSED! Our church is finding ways to minister and remain a presence for Christ during this season of disruption. Remember: We are together even when we are apart!

Dr. Chisholm

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