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Our Finance Committee is sending out a quarterly update this week–it’s a review of where we’ve been the last few months with a challenge for what is yet to come.

From what I’ve observed, many churches are experiencing the same challenges, concerns, and questions about how best to respond to what is happening relating to the pandemic. It’s a situation that didn’t come up in my educational preparation or previous church pastorates. However, I do believe that going into the pandemic as well as coming out of the pandemic pose risks to the health of the congregation.

It’s been encouraging to see the roll out of the vaccine and the positive impact that has had on the mitigation of the virus; I’ve done my part in getting my vaccine and am looking forward to being around our people and community throughout the summer months!

Regardless of where you are with the virus, please remember that the work of the church continues. My hope is that as we get closer to the Fall that there we be more in-person meetings, ministries, activities which will increase our spending–this is a positive sign and a good thing. So, thank you for your ongoing faithful financial support. There are several ways in which to give, and I hope you’ll take advantage of one (or more) of them in the days to come.

Let’s keep on keeping on–DC

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