Missions Fair Overview

     Thanks to everyone who helped make the ’21 Anderson County Community Resource Fair a success!
     It seemed well attended by both agencies and the public, and the sentiment is that, as we continue to do this event, it will grow. Many people had wonderful comments about the event—impressed with the turnout, the organization, the opportunity to network, and the good vibes of community spirit. All of this was contingent on your participation—so, THANK YOU!!! 😊
     Facts of the day: We had 68 agencies signed up to participate & 4 cancel out the Friday before the event, leaving us with 64 participating. Several have asked how many people were in attendance—I’m sorry, I simply have no way of knowing (numbers of food plates served won’t help because not everyone eats, numbers of event brochures taken won’t help because people take more than one, even if we put a person with a clicker at the door, people enter and exit many times—no way to know). Two Covid vaccines were administered.
     Go Ahead & Tentatively Save the Date for Next Year’s Anderson County Community Resource Fair: Sunday, August 21, 2022!–AT

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