Serve Springfield 2.0

If you are on Facebook you probably saw the hijinks, yard work, inside jokes, and fun activities that our youth group participated in for their summer tradition, Serve Springfield. Serve Springfield is a week long event that provides an opportunity for churches all over the area to serve the community through service projects, prayer tours, and random acts of kindness. This year, the youth group did their own version of this event, Serve Springfield 2.0.

Trey put together a fun schedule for our youth group. As the intern I was able to tag along with them to work sites, share meals with them, play mini golf, go on the lake, and do all the other activities that were planned.

A majority of the service that the students did involved yard work. They pulled weeds, cleared brush, sawed off small trees, mulched a garden, cleaned out gutters, picked up trash, and raked debris at four houses in the Rountree neighborhood. They were troopers. Thankfully the weather was on our side, but it was still a lot of hard work and they did a great job maintaining a positive attitude.

When they weren’t working at houses, they were writing encouraging notes to people at Mercy Children’s Hospital or putting together care packages for Convoy of Hope. They went on a prayer tour around town, stopping at Harmony House, Glendale High School, Mercy, Convoy of Hope, and Rountree Elementary.

There was also time set aside for students to sit and learn about the Bible. Trey led them in a three day series on Jonah, and I was able to lead them in a devotional about the woman at the well each morning. They are such an attentive group of students that want to learn and discuss the Bible.

To reward them for their hard work, the youth also had a blast hanging out with each other on Table Rock Lake, mini golfing, and playing laser tag in the church building. Our church was complemented by the guy who worked for the laser tag company, who said that UHBC has the best architecture for playing the game, which is now an unforeseen bonus feature of this church.

This week was filled with bug bites, scratches, sunburns, and sweat, but it was nice to see Matt and Lucy enjoy their last mission event with their friends before they move to a new place and get used to a new youth group.

I had a blast working alongside these guys and I hope that the church recognizes how phenomenal these young people are. Continue to support the students as they grow at UHBC. Also support the church staff, because they really do go above and beyond for the younger faction of this church.

A lot of good is being done in the community and the church because of this tight-knit, supportive, funny, smart, oddball group of students.

Cally Chisholm

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